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Today was an excellent day! June 10, 2011

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L'Eglise Notre Dame de la Croix de MénilmontantFirst I want to say that I love Paris. Every time I come here it just makes me happy. This is a picture of L’Eglise Notre Dame de la Croix de Ménilmontant, which is right around the corner from our apartment. There are more pictures of the church below.  As this is my first real post of my trip, I’ll start at the beginning.

Michael was nice enough to drive me to O’Hare on Monday and didn’t make me feel guilty at all (Thanks, babe!) so getting to the airport was a breeze. The both flights were on-time and on my long leg, there was no middle person (I was on the aisle) so I actually got a little sleep. Made it to my apartment (pictures below), no problem, and met with François, my landlord, who gave me the keys and I was ready. Exhausted and starving, but ready!

Wednesday, Eve showed up 4 hours late and no baggage. She eventually got it all back but it took 2 days. She is quite a trooper, I know that I would have been fuming, but she just took it in stride and had faith that USAir would come through (I do not have that kind of faith in airlines). We also went for a nice long walk (about 4 miles according to googlemaps pedometer) to buy Eve a new outfit, remember, she had no baggage. Ended the evening with a nice glass of wine at a café and some excellent olive tapenade. YUM!!

Yesterday I went to the archives for the first time on this trip and got my readers card and called up my documents. You can’t get much work done on your first day because of the time it takes to get your documents out of storage so I came home, ate a baguette (double YUM!!!), and some chocolate and went to bed.

Today started my research week, which unfortunately won’t be continued until Tuesday for Pentecoste on Sunday (which closes the archives on Sat and Mon.). I walked to the archives, about a mile and a half each way, and got caught in a sudden downpour. Luckily, this is Paris so the rain doesn’t last long. I decided to take shelter under an awning and watch the world go by. In the 15 minutes I was standing there I saw a motorcyclist drive by eating a sandwich and a woman’s jacket caught on my scarf and almost killed me ;).

At the archives there was a person protesting in the lobby. While I’m not exactly sure what he was saying, he was quite upset about how separate the archives are from the people (it is quite fortress-like) and something about workers. I ate my lunch, had a coffee, and quickly went to the microfilm room. I got my microfilms and realized that I’d forgotten everything except my computer, so I started recording the dates of the cases on each folio (fyi. 549 years ago today, nothing happened in the archdeacon’s court).

Walked home, bought a tartlette au citron (lemon tart), and hung out with Eve a bit before we went out for a crèpe dinner. Finally, we needed to find a way to keep Eve awake, she’d been ignoring her jetlaggedness and kept taking naps which completely screwed her up. So, we went for a walk around the neighborhood, of which I also have pictures of below. The best part is the church whose bells we hear daily, L’Eglise Notre Dame de la Croix de Ménilmontant. The church is about a block away from our apartment, the picture of the church spire behind the building is from our door. I’m finishing up the day with a glass of Chardonnay and some olives. Tomorrow we are off to Sacre Coeur, it is an amazing place with even more amazing views. Bon nuit!


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  1. Janice Says:

    Love the updates and the pictures are great now that we figured out how to see them! Enjoy!

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