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Père Lachaise June 12, 2011

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Today I decided to go to Père Lachaise, which is about 3/4 mile from my apartment. I made 3 realizations today: 1. I need to invest in a watch; 2. Things are actually open on Sundays, unlike in my previous neighborhood; and 3. Yesterday I said I was going to take a short jaunt to the cemetery, that is, apparently, impossible. Here are some shots of the main gate and some general shots of the cemetery.

                Main entrance to Père Lachaise                              General shot of the cemetery

General shot of the cemetery

The walk was great. I got to see a bit more of my neighborhood, which isn’t exciting, and I found a new park. I didn’t have a ton of time at the cemetery, and it is HUGE, but I did hit the main graves. First is Jim Morrison, who is at the moment the most famous person buried there. What you can’t see is that the his grave as well as the ones next to it are surrounded by temporary fencing (which I believe is pretty permanent at the moment. There are always a bunch of people there and many of them haven’t washed in a while. Not being a fan of the Doors, I just go because… well… you sort of have to.

Jim Morrison's Grave

Next, Oscar Wilde’s grave. I hadn’t seen this one when I visited a couple years ago. All the pink/red smudges are lipstick kisses, but I haven’t quite figured out why. Needless to say, I did not kiss it (probably not sanitary)  but who knows how I’ll fee by the end of my trip.

                      Oscar Wilde's Tomb                          Close up of kisses

Finally, the one I’m most excited about is the tomb of Heloise and Abelard. Now, they are my favorites because they are a medieval couple (probably the only medieval people in the cemetery) and Heloise is one of my favorite medieval women.  I make all of my history students read the Letters of Abelard and Heloise. Unfortunately, the tomb is damaged and has been since the last time I was there, I had hoped it would be fixed. Anyway, it is quite a grand structure that is, unfortunately, surrounded by scaffolding.

Heloise and Abelard

I have no idea what I’m doing tomorrow. Probably cleaning and working, I’ll keep you all posted.

Miles walked today: 3; Total: 20.5


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