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Things don’t always work out as we expect! June 14, 2011

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Today I headed on my trek to the archives only to find that they were closed. I spoke to the man at the gate and he said that they might be closed tomorrow too. This is not good, but hopefully I’m here for enough time that it won’t make a difference. Luckily, I’m in Paris so it wasn’t any problem finding something else to do.

I decided to spend some time in my favorite neighborhoods: the Latin Quarter and around the Jardin du Luxembourg. First on the list, however, was the purchase of a watch!


My new watch

Then to my favorite café in Paris, Café le Rostand outside of the Jardin du Luxembourg where I had an espresso and my nook. In my opinion, their espressos are the best.
                           cafe le rostand                 Coffee and a nook

After a lovely café where some lade went a bit crazy and started yelling at the waitress, I headed across the street to the gardens and headed to my favorite reading spot, the Marie Medici Fountain. If you were wondering, I’m currently reading Alice, Through the Looking Glass.

        Marie Medici Fountain             

The great thing about the garden is that there are chairs provided in strategic locations for lounging. This is one of those places.

Then I decided to explore the Latin Quarter. It is called this because it is the location of the University of Paris, which was the third university in the world, founded in the early 13th century. In the Middle Ages (and well into the 19th century), Latin was the international language of Western scholarship. I took some pictures of the Sorbonne (the university) and the Cluny museum, which is housed in a late 15th century mansion built to house important religious personages. It is one of the only remaining medieval buildings in Paris.

The Place de la Sorbonne and the central part of the university


Finally, I found myself at L’Eglise de Saint Severin, which is also located in the Latin Quarter. I really love this church. It is beautiful, quiet, and not crowded. Notre Dame is lovely to see but there are so many people in there at one time that it sort of removes the awe from the building; the awe is retained in Saint Severin. The rest of the pictures are from the church.





4 Responses to “Things don’t always work out as we expect!”

  1. Uhm…I think I can get to Paris on the train for free. I’d have to check and see if my network rail spouse travel pass works in the tunnel or not…..but…..your pics keep making me want to hop the train and explore Paris!

    • kdicleme Says:

      It’s a really wonderful city. It’s nice when you live here for a month or so because there’s no rush and you can explore aimlessly.

  2. Julia Says:

    oh, i miss the jardin du luxembourg…is the café le rostand where we met up once??

    • kdicleme Says:

      I’m not sure we met up there but I’m almost positive we had coffee there. It’s right on the corner by that bakery that sells the best macaroons in the city. 🙂 I haven’t gotten any yet, but I will.

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