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Back to work! June 15, 2011

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Happily, the archives were open again today so I got some work done. I made it through 50 folios (a folio is a sheet of parchment), so I feel accomplished. I’m going to try to go earlier tomorrow, hopefully I’m on a more European sleeping schedule and I’ll get up a normal times and go to bed at normal times. Here is a picture of the Archives Nationales reading room (salle de lecture) from the outside. I work on the top floor with the curved windows.

After working, I met Connie’s train (my adviser) at the the Gare d’Austerlitz. She has been in Toulouse doing her work and is meeting her husband for a trip to Brittany. Anyway, on the way to the station I decided to explore a part of town I’d never been to before. Namely, Ile de Saint Louis and the Jardin des Plantes. The only pictures I have from the Ile are of the back of Notre Dame with a really fantastic sky, I think. At the Jardin, my favorite part was the way the trees arched over the walkway. All it needed was darkness and uplights for it to be REALLY creepy!



Finally, I met up with Connie and we went out to dinner. We ended up near Tour Montparnasse (back near where I stayed last time I was in town) and we went to a couscous restaurant. It was delicious! There were so many dishes they almost didn’t fit on the table and there was so much food we didn’t eat half of it. Unfortunately, they don’t do doggie bags here so I couldn’t take any home. It was really lovely though. We ended the meal with a delicious mint tea, better than any dessert we could have gotten, I think. Thanks, Connie!




Yesterday –  6.5 miles

Today – 4.5 miles

Total – 31.5 miles


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