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Fête de la Musique and LES SOLDES!!! June 22, 2011

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Yesterday was the Fête de la Musique, which is an awesome day in Paris. It is a festival of music and for one day there is music on almost every corner of the city. They play all sorts of different music and anyone with some talent (or no talent, I suppose) can come out and play in the street. On my walk home I heard funk, old-school rock, techno/house (I don’t know the difference), accordion, and hip-hop. I could hear a couple people from my apartment in the evening. It was really nice. I didn’t stay out long but I enjoyed my walk.

What I did do was head home and cook dinner. Now, I’m not one to post pictures of what I cook, but this week I realized how easy it was to cook mussels. Last night I made mussels in white wine sauce and it was the most delicious thing I think I’ve ever cooked. AND… I took a picture.

Today was even more exciting. It was a day I’ve been waiting for since I got here. It is the start of… LES SOLDES!!!! These are government standardized sales. It’s basically Black Friday for a month all over the country. Basically it is amazing and I definitely took advantage of the amazing deals.

First, I bought an amazing jacket at BHV (an excellent department store). I don’t believe anyone has a jacket this cute!


I also bought some fancy barrettes and 2 pairs of shoes (I was thinking about Diana’s shoes when I got the ones on the right).


I was so excited that I think I was grinning like an idiot my entire walk home. I’m going to hold off buying anything else until my paycheck on the 1st; luckily, the sales last until the end of July so I’ll still get amazing deals. YAY!

On a completely different subject, around the archives are multiple pieces of “public art.” It is basically graffiti but it is more artistic. There is a colorful bull hanging upside down (I took a picture but it is inappropriate for this forum) and some other things. What I want to share today is a throwback to Atari. They are actually mosaics and I love them. 🙂



Yesterday – 5.5 miles

Today – 5.5 miles

Total – 67.5 miles


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