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Interesting weekend June 27, 2011

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Well, I’m still not completely used to posting on this blog so I will cover the weekend in this post and today in the next.

Friday was pretty uninteresting. However, I am apparently going to the archives enough as the guys who work in the microfilm room recognize me on the street and say hello and no longer have to tell them which microfilms are mine.

Ok, Saturday was the big day… it was GAY DAY!!! (I swear that’s what the signs said) There was an excellent parade that lasted for hours and basically there were gays EVERYWHERE!! It was AWESOME! They were hopping in the fountain, climbing light posts, wearing Lady Gaga heels, and basically being fabulous. I’ve decided to just have a slideshow of the pictures from the parade and these are my favorite ladies, who let me take a picture of them while they were having a drink after the parade. Very sweet!


So a couple things of note that happened during the parade. 1. Three really annoying British girls and one very tall American guy who kept hopping in front of me every time I wanted to take a picture. 2. A water gun fight between three people on the side (I believe they are in the last photo in the slide show). Luckily it was hot so I didn’t mind getting sprayed. 3. Naked people in the fountain. That would never fly in the US. 4. The Pappy Dance. He was basically an old guy with a cart playing dance music and dancing in front of the parade. I’m not sure if he was officially with the parade but either way he was very funny.


Amusingly, after the last float (and I mean directly after) came an army of street cleaning trucks. I’ve never seen that many trucks before, it made me laugh.


Other than the parade, I had an ice cream, finished my book (I was reading Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde), and wandered around the city. It was a very fun day, the vibe in the city was excellent. As I was walking home there were huge crowds of gays at a couple bars. One bar in particular made me laugh, as it was called Cox, which is really only funny in English not in French. 🙂


Unfortunately, yesterday I wasn’t feeling well so I took it easy and didn’t leave the apartment. Today, on the other hand was super hot and exciting, but that is for the next post.


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Friday: 5.5 miles

Saturday: 6.5 miles

Total: 79.5 miles


2 Responses to “Interesting weekend”

  1. Julia Says:

    how do they wear those heels/platforms, let alone walk in a parade wearing them!?! great photos!

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