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The excitement of a discovery… and the pain. June 28, 2011

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Ok, so yesterday was a big day at the archives. While scrolling through my microfilm I made a discovery. Just to give you all a glimpse into my world these days, I don’t have time to read all of the cases that I’m going through, there are simply too many. To fix make this work, I look for key terms and then take pictures of those cases that include those terms. For the past 3 weeks I’ve been looking for 2 separate terms, a form of “matrimonium/matrimonial,” and “verba de… [usually futura].” This has worked very well and I’ve been successfully getting hits and assumed that all cases having to do with marriage actually said marriage somewhere in them. Then yesterday my scribe showed his human side and made a mistake. He wrote “causa matrimonio” (all abbreviated of course) then crossed out “matrimonio” and wrote in an abbreviation of “seperarii.” [I’ve blown up the relevant part below]Now this case had the word for marriage later in the text but not too long after, I found a “causa divorcii,” which did not contain the word for marriage. What this told me is that I may have missed dozens of cases that are important. Why this made me almost cry is because I was one day away from finishing with this particular group of sources and moving on to some other ones, but because these are my main sources for my dissertation I had to start over and re-look through all of the cases I’d just finished reading. In the long term it is very good, in the short term it means a LOT of extra work.



So, today I started over and thus far found 6 cases that I’d missed. At least the work is worth it.



On a completely different note, you know those Space Invader mosaics that I posted last week? If not, go look again. Well, I’ve become obsessed with finding more, there are 8-bit mosaics all over the place. Some of them I can place and are obvious, but others I need help with. They are mostly around the archives (3rd and 4th arr) but I found a bunch in the 11th, very close to my apartment, which is in the 20th. They are always on the corner and they are almost always at the level of the second floor. So if anyone know the non-obvious ones, please let me know.





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Yesterday: 5.5 miles

Today: 3 miles

Total: 88 miles


2 Responses to “The excitement of a discovery… and the pain.”

  1. Julia Says:

    wow, you are getting so good at reading your scribe’s script! good breakthrough! 🙂

    • kdicleme Says:

      Yeah, I’m actually pretty excited about it. I’m not perfect but I’m getting better. It’s actually probably an abbreviation of separationi, but either way, it gives me something else to look for.

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