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Hiking in the Gower April 9, 2012

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Cloe is an archeologist for the National Trust and got wind of a guided walk through the Gower (the peninsula on which Swansea sits) looking at wildflowers. It sounds terribly boring, but it’s amazing how many flowers were out that I normally would have just walked past, or, as Cloe said, thought was just grass. The walk was along the cliffs and it some places it was fairly treacherous, but because we were bent over looking at flowers for 2.5 hours, we only got about a quarter mile. I asked Cloe if she was interested in hiking back as until we were tired.



So we started at Southgate, cut through the woods to Bishopston, then south to the coast and took the coastal path to Langland and had a tea, in total about 5 miles through fairly rugged and hilly terrain. Happily, Rhian, Luke, Elle, and Shaun were there having tea so they gave us a ride home (about another 5 miles).



Here is a slideshow of some of the pictures from that trip. All of the pictures up to and including the one of me on the cliff are from the wildflower walk. All of the ones after that are from our epic journey. We ended the day with some pizza and then went out to a house party and had a couple glasses of wine. Overall, way fun.


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