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Paris in a Nutshell April 29, 2012

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I’m back online after a two week hiatus. Basically, my computer died and my charger stopped working so I had to access the internet on my nook. This was obviously awkward and didn’t allow for much work. Since nothing really exciting happened in Paris, I’m going to sum up my week and a half that wasn’t blogged in this blog and then move on to Italy tomorrow.


So, some highlights:


First, I found some really excellent marginalia. Because I work with court documents, I don’t usually find that stuff but apparently the court scribe in the 1380s was bored and a doodler. Here are some examples.




One of the highlights of my archive experience was the elderly researcher who was using a laptop with a floppy drive. It was very sweet, I thought. Here is a picture of the computer, how hilarious is this?!? The screen was the green and black and every once in a while I would hear the *wirr* of the floppy drive saving information. The next day he sat next to me and was actually very nice. He kept trying to get me things to help with my reading not understanding that my documents were too old.



One of the great things about the archives is that they are a walled complex with the reading room (where I spend my time), a museum, and some really lovely gardens. For whatever reason the gardens are always closed when I go, but this year they were open and I got to see them. Next time I go I’ll spend more time in them; they were nice.




Finally, a few random images from around town. I went to mass at Saint Severin, which is my favorite church. I had fondue for lunch. Went to the Luxemburg gardens and read a bit. Had coffee at Le Rostand. I wandered around a bit, but I only gave myself Sundays off so not a whole lot of time.




So there you have it, Paris in a nutshell. Tomorrow, Bologna!


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