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Perugia to Florence: 2 women and 200 pounds of luggage! June 15, 2012

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Diana (my sister) was studying abroad in Perugia this semester to work on her Italian and I decided to meet her a couple days early for two reasons: 1. I don’t get to see her alone very much, and I thought it would be fun to hang out in Italy; 2. I wanted to help her get her luggage to Florence where we’d meet the rest of the family. Here’s a picture of us in Perugia. She (as usually) looks adorable whereas I look like junk. Oh well!



It was cool hanging out with her in her own space. I met her fantastic friends, and we took lots of scenic pictures.




She showed me around the town and I think my favorite part was the fortress where we got chocolate. It was REALLY good chocolate! We also had a sandwich at “Ciao Ciao’s,” which was a little deli next to her school. That’s not the actual name of the place, of course, but it’s what Diana calls it. As I saw, every time we saw the son (it’s family run, of course) he would smile and say “ciao, ciao!” It was a delicious sandwich. I got the one that Diana always got, it was cheese, capicola , and homemade pesto. Definitely delicious.


Her school organized a going away party for the last day of the semester. Although it was sad for Diana to see her friends leave, I was  happy to see how much fun she had and the fantastic people she met on during her semester. We sat on the “steps” which are the steps leading into the duomo in the center of town. That duomo, by the way, houses the wedding ring of the Virgin Mary, which turned out to be bone, I think. Here is the view from the steps.




We had an emotional night when her friends left, but I got some cool night pictures.




The next morning, we woke up early and hauled our bags to Florence. Basically I had all of my bags, which weighed about 70 pounds, and Diana had her 2 suit cases, which weighed about 50 pounds each, and her backpack. So here we are dragging these bags through the streets of Perugia, onto the mini-metro, and on to the train to Florence. It was difficult! We got on the train without incident (but with lots of stairs).


We got to Florence and then had a snafu. We were told to go to 40 via Palazzuolo to meet our landlady’s mother and then move to 44 via Palazzuolo, where our apartment was. So we get to the door and there are 5 bells. Diana and I looked at each other, and we decided to just start ringing the bells from the top down. Luckily, the top bell was the correct one and because her Italian had gotten so good, Diana was our spokesperson. Diana was trying to explain to the mother that we were here to rent the apartment at 44 but the mother insisted that we were there for the apartment at 40. Eventually we discovered that dad got it wrong (for whatever reason) and we were supposed to be in 40. All was well and we lugged the 200 pounds of baggage up 4 flights of stairs. I was very glad when it was over, however, it was merely a precursor to the number of steps we’d have to go up and down in the remainder of the trip.


Up next, Florence with the fam.


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