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Day 2: Aurora, CO and the Mesa! June 18, 2014

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First off, this was my work space for the morning. I was productive, YAY! I wrote 587 words and most of them weren’t terrible!




Lunch was a tacos from a food truck. I truly believe that food from the back of a truck tastes better than food from a restaurant. I forgot my camera for that event, so no picture. BUT… when Maneesh got back from his conference we went on an EPIC ADVENTURE!! I learned something today, a “moderate difficulty” hike in Colorado is a bit different from a “moderate difficulty” hike in Iowa. We decided to do a nice hike on North Table Mountain.


IMG_1683     IMG_1686 IMG_1690      IMG_1691


Yeah, so North Table Mountain is, like, a mountain. Granted, it is a low mountain, but still, very mountain-like. And considering there is no air up this high, it was a rough climb. I, of course, was like a mountain goat, or perhaps a gazelle.


2014-06-18 16.55.42-1 (3)


Definitely gazelle. When we got to the top, it was nice and pretty flat. HUZZAH!


IMG_1700 IMG_1702


Then it started to hail. BOO! And as you can see, there was no shelter, and hail hurts. We really didn’t end up very far because the sky looked very ominous.  We did climb one more part so I could get a good cliffs view of Golden.


2014-06-18 17.30.58 (2)


Finally, we got in the car and came back. About 10 minutes into our drive the sky opened and icy death fell onto the car. Ok, not really death, but it was serious hail and it would have hurt BADLY had we still been on the Mesa. We turned back at the right time. I am exhausted!




                   2014-06-18 17.53.06 (2)          2014-06-18 20.22.37 (2)


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