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Days 3 & 4 – The Journey from Aurora, CO to Portland, OR June 21, 2014

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I left early. REALLY early. You know how when you have to get up early to do something that is semi-stressful (like drive 13 hours to get somewhere you’ve never been at a reasonable time) you tend to wake up regularly throughout the night? Well, I woke up at 1:45am and couldn’t get back to sleep. By 2:30 I had given up and decided to get ready and head out, which I did by 3:45. What this meant is that I crossed the Wyoming border just as the sun was rising.

IMG_1732          IMG_1735


Wyoming made me feel very small. I’ve been thinking about the words to describe my feelings, but I just can’t. It was so empty and big.


IMG_1731        IMG_1739 IMG_1740        IMG_1750

(P.S. I do recognize that taking pictures while driving is not necessarily safe, but my method is to turn the camera on and take 5 or 6 pictures without looking and pick the best one. I feel ok about it)


That was the up-side. On the down-side, it was very difficult to find coffee. I kept stopping at mom-and-pop truck stops and they didn’t have coffee. I just don’t understand how that is possible. I eventually got come caffeine in my system by 9, which was good because by that point my body realized that I’d woken up at 1:45 and protested. Wyoming was beautiful, but very large, and it seemed to go on forever. Western Wyoming looks very different from eastern Wyoming and is much more deserty.


IMG_1756         IMG_1767


Then I made it (briefly) to Utah. I didn’t take many pictures because I went through Ogden, which is a place I’d spent some time with Maria. But the welcome center was in a pretty spot.


IMG_1777         IMG_1780


And of course beautiful mountains.




Idaho bound, I continued onward. Idaho along rt 80 was interesting because it looked like Iowa with lots of rolling hills and farms, but in the distance mountains. It was really cool.




In Boise I stayed with a lovely woman named Hanna, of whom I got NO PICTURES!! What was I thinking. Hannah, if you’re watching, I’m sorry that I’m a terrible blogger. But, either way, I had a lovely and relaxing time in Boise.


The next morning I left around 7am Mountain time (I actually got 7 hours of sleep, it was AMAZING!!) and headed west. I decided not to take the interstate and ended up driving HWY 26 toward Bend. It was my favorite drive thus far, and very pretty. And the one gas station within a 70 mile radius where I got gas. The woman running it was lovely.


IMG_1815         IMG_1809 IMG_1819         IMG_1820


Then it turned conifer and mountainous, like I had pictured in my mind.


IMG_1823        IMG_1830 IMG_1835        IMG_1839


I got to Redmond, OR around 11:15 and had a fantastic sushi lunch with the lovely Ashley.



(Posted with permission :))

I was able to drive through Mt. Hood National Forest, but Mt. Hood was covered with clouds (the only clouds were around Mt. Hood). But I got some pictures of other mountains.

IMG_1858           IMG_1862

And then I made it to Portland sans incident. No pictures though. Tonight I’ll post about the wedding pig roast, (I may steal some pictures from other people). a coffee date with Dawn, and a possible hike to some waterfalls.


2 Responses to “Days 3 & 4 – The Journey from Aurora, CO to Portland, OR”

  1. Tracie (Trucelbee from WW.com) Says:

    Beautiful pics, looks like you are having a great time!

  2. Dawn Says:

    the clouds over mt hood are the hood.

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