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Day 5 – Hike and Pig Roast June 22, 2014

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Yesterday was a fun day, but I hurt a bit this morning. To sum up, I hiked a waterfall, ate a pig named Larry, and danced to the Proclaimers. But first things first.


The day dawned clear and cold (think of that phrase similarly to “It was a dark and stormy night.”) and I had a date! I met my friend Dawn for coffee at a place with gluten-free coffee cakes. Now I doubt I’m celiac but I find that glutenous foods give me wicked headaches, among other symptoms, so I avoid it. Anywho, way fun and here is my selfie with Dawn!




I got back to the house and we decided to go to Multnoma Falls. We then climbed the falls, and boy are my hipflexers sore. WOW! But we got some lovely pictures.


IMG_1896         IMG_1889 IMG_1884         IMG_1886


Then we wanted to see Mt. Hood so we drove up to Larch Mountain and saw it, and Mt. Saint Helen, and Mt. Rainier, Mt. Adam, and Mt. Jefferson. It was amazing!


IMG_1897         IMG_1900



Finally, the wedding pig roast. I don’t have a lot of pictures as it was a wedding and I wanted to enjoy my family, but I will post a couple later on when I get them from my sister. But, here is Larry.




And here is a selfie with my family and a chicken.




I do not know the chicken’s name, but perhaps I’ll find out today. I don’t know what’s up today, it’s an adventure!


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