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Days 6-7 – Portland June 24, 2014

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I don’t actually have a lot to post about the last two days, mostly because I kept forgetting my camera.


Sunday we had breakfast at Pine State Biscuits. I had some of the best biscuits and gravy I’ve ever had, then we checked out of the apartment and went to the Saturday Market on the waterfront. We hung out with my aunt and uncle and then went out to dinner with my cousins. Finally, I met up with my friend Monica (there is a picture of us below somewhere), and drank wine.


Yesterday (Monday) was a bit more exciting. My day started out with productivity! I met up with a friend who teaches in the area and we had a Write-In. Here is my writing picture for the day.




See how diligent we are? This was at a nice coffee shop on Park Avenue.


Then Monica and I decided to do the 4T trail (the 4 Ts are actually: train, trail, tram, and trolly), which allowed me to see a lot of the city including a 4 mile hike. I forgot my camera, but Monica sent me a few pictures.


trail         tram

Tramview         tramview1


We finished up the day with street food (I got Ethiopian, which I have missed since David’s Place closed in Iowa City) and a nice, long dip in the hot tub. I’ve been doing a LOT of hiking and my hip muscles were really starting to hurt. The hot water was lovely!


And that’s it. Today I’m heading to the redwood forest so I won’t have internet for a couple days, and tomorrow to Aunt Kristi’s house in the mountains!


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