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Days 8-9: Portland to California and the Redwoods! June 29, 2014

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It’s been a while since I posted because of lack of internet, so I have some catching up to do.


I left Portland last Tuesday and drove south along the coast on the 101, it was pretty awesome. This will be the only non-sunny post thus far, but it wasn’t too bad.


I ended up stopping in Port Oxford, OR for lunch and to see the coast. This is where I ate, and this is the view from above the restaurant. Amazing, huh?


IMG_1935 (2) (800x579)          IMG_1937 (800x600)


Then I entered The Prehistoric Gardens (duh duh DAAAAAHHHHH!!!). It was pretty awesome!


IMG_1943 (800x600)


It was a rainforest with life-sized dinosaurs. Seriously, it was awesome!


IMG_1949 (800x600)          IMG_1951 (800x600) IMG_1984 (800x600)          IMG_2000 (600x800)


And I almost got eaten by an elasmosaurus, but I escaped… barely.


IMG_1969 (600x800)


Then I made it to the redwood forest and got the last camp site in the park (I’m a very lucky person). Here is my campsite and my view when I woke up in the morning. Not bad.


IMG_2029 (800x600)

IMG_2077 (800x600)               IMG_2078 (600x800)


Here are a couple pictures including “Big Tree” which is very big. That picture is terrible, because I asked someone else to take it. Oh well.


IMG_2032 (600x800)                   IMG_2073 (600x800)


And since I’m not a great camper, I just like sleeping in tents, here’s where I had breakfast. 🙂


IMG_2083 (800x600)


Then I went for a hike in Fern Canyon, near the coast. You see why it is called Fern Canyon. It was really cool, but it was a bit like an obstacle course and I cracked my head on a fallen redwood branch I had to duck under. Ouch! I also saw elk, which was cool.


IMG_2104 (600x800)         IMG_2138 (800x600)



This was the view as I was leaving. You’ll notice I don’t have a work picture. I had chosen the perfect spot to work but then it started raining and I figured it would be better to not use my laptop in the rain.


IMG_2141 (800x600)


Next stop, Garden Valley!


One Response to “Days 8-9: Portland to California and the Redwoods!”

  1. Yvonne Seale Says:

    You really were in peril of your life with those dinosaurs! The photos of the sequoia trees are great.

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