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Days 13-14: San Francisco Pride! July 2, 2014

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I arrived in San Francisco on Saturday and headed into the hills, because I hadn’t quite gotten enough time walking up and down, obviously. Actually my friend was enjoying themself with other San Franciscans for Pride weekend, and there was no way I was going to find them in the crowd. So I went to the Golden Gate Recreational something-or-other.


There were great views of the city, the Golden Gate Bridge, and Harbor Seals. They’re the light gray globs on the rocks. 🙂


IMG_2199 (800x592)           IMG_2200 (800x686) IMG_2214 (800x600) (2)           IMG_2215 (800x600)


This is  proof that I was actually there and not posting stolen pictures. I have to say that while I rarely look good in my selfies (I accept that I’m not photogenic), I am REALLY good at taking them. Seriously, look at that perfect selfie! It must come from traveling alone so much. Anyway, I was really there.


IMG_2218 (800x600)



And I drove over the Golden Gate Bridge into LOTS of traffic. I did not take a picture of the traffic, it just looked like normal city traffic.


IMG_2223 (800x600)


Then I found princess parking outside my friend’s house, which I also did not take a picture of and hung out until the Pride parade! Here are some of my favorite pictures from that.


IMG_2237 (800x600)           IMG_2240 (800x600) IMG_2246 (800x600)           IMG_2259 (600x800) IMG_2263 (800x600)           IMG_2269 (800x600) IMG_2286 (800x600)



Then I met some friends in Oakland at Lake Merritt in the Gazebo. I took no pictures of my friends this weekend, which is stinky, but they know they were there. 🙂


IMG_2306 (800x600)


I left San Francisco via Hwy CA 1. It was an adventure!



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