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Days 14-16: The Pacific Coast Hwy and Santa Barbara July 5, 2014

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After leaving San Francisco I had 2 days to reach my friend in Santa Barbara so I decided to drive down the coast road (CA 1) the whole way. First, I met with a high school friend for breakfast in Pacifica. Excellent pancakes!

IMG_2307 (600x800)


Then I headed south. It was a beautiful day and I decided that I wanted to camp on the coast near Big Sur. Here are some pictures of the road, it was gorgeous, amazing, and very very curvy!


IMG_2312 (800x600)         IMG_2313 (800x600)

IMG_2320 (800x600)



I had a bit of an adventure. I checked out the campgrounds in the area I wanted to camp and they were all full. Unfortunately I didn’t decide that I wanted to do this until the last minute, so it was too late to make reservations. One very helpful lady at the campground said that I could turn up a particular road into the mountains (I don’t remember the name), park on a turnout, and just pitch my tent. So I did. Here was my campsite for the evening.





IMG_2332 (800x600)         IMG_2333 (800x600)



I did actually get a couple hours of work it, it was VERY sunny!




IMG_2329 (800x600)


A nice German woman named Lena stopped by to ask for directions and decided to stay, so I had some company. Then the fog came rolling in. It looked pretty cool.





IMG_2344 (800x600)



In fact, the fog didn’t leave until the next afternoon, so this is the drive for about 15 minutes the next day…


IMG_2347 (800x600)



Until I came upon this.


IMG_2350 (800x631)  (I gave this picture to insurance)


About 10 minutes into my drive I met Jonathan, who had flipped the Jeep but was relatively unharmed. Luckily he had been going slow or he would have ended up over the cliff and in the Pacific. Anyway, I stayed with him until the tow truck arrived, helped him get a rental car, and sent him on his way. We ended up spending about 4 hours together, and I had company for a short part of my drive, which was nice. He made it safely back to Indiana.


And I made it safely to Santa Barbara, and Elise! We hung out, had excellent Mexican food, and then did some sightseeing at the pier and in the mountains.





IMG_2356 (800x600)         IMG_2360 (800x600)


The next morning we went to the Santa Barbara Mission, which is still an active Franciscan monastery. As you can see in the second picture, I almost became a monk, but I was too short for the habit. 🙂


IMG_2365 (800x600)         IMG_2368 (600x800)


Then I headed out full of Backyard Bowls’ quinoa with cashew milk, a very California kind of breakfast, I think and into LA traffic. Honestly, it wasn’t so bad except I was rear-ended, which was startling, but did no damage. I made it safely to Carlsbad, CA with no further incidents.


2 Responses to “Days 14-16: The Pacific Coast Hwy and Santa Barbara”

  1. Norman Almack Says:

    Very cool Kristi!! I’ll be reading your blog daily… Hugs.

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