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Days 17 and 18: Carlsbad, CA July 10, 2014

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I have some time before my audiobooks download so I think I’ll post about my time with Vicki (my aunt) and Dave in Carlsbad, CA (outside San Diego).


I arrived safely in Carlsbad on July 2 (with only the rear-ending incident to bring me down), and Vicki and I finished a bottle of wine. She made excellent crab enchiladas which we ate out on the back patio. I’m actually shocked that I didn’t take a picture out of their back yard (you can see a little in my work photo), because it is gorgeous!


On July 3 I had the pleasure to go to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. It was awesome!


IMG_2370 (800x600)



Because Vicki donates to the zoo, I got a free ticket and a free tram ride. It was cool. I saw all sorts of herbivores plus a cheetah on the trip.



IMG_2389 (800x600)         IMG_2396 (800x600)


Then I went to the big cat enclosures. The picture on the right is a lioness coming back with her Thursday afternoon treat, a white bunny. The photo on the left is the tiger, obviously, who had been stalking a child through the fence, but got disgusted and decided to hang out with me for a little while. 🙂


IMG_2415 (800x600)         IMG_2430 (800x600)


I saw all sorts of other animals, which was cool, but I figure the people reading this have also seen those animals before. The one I was very excited about was the California Condor (I could not get a good picture through the fence). When I was in elementary school I used to always do projects on the condors for science class, I’m really happy they are making a comeback in the wild!


I got back and did some work. Here is my work picture. 🙂


IMG_2448 (800x600)


Then, for the Fourth of July I decided to continue my Fastfood on the Fourth tradition (started in France with my friend Julia, roughly 5 years ago) and had my first In-n-Out Burger experience. These are the two lovely ladies who served me. 🙂 (I got permission to post the picture of them).


IMG_2452 (800x600)           IMG_2451 (800x600)


And for my patriotic spirit I painted my nails (don’t judge, I didn’t have appropriate tools).


IMG_2454 (800x600)


Then I stayed in for a most excellent party, of which I also have no pictures. I’m enjoying my time rather than blogging my time. 🙂


The next day I drove east to Phoenix, so you have cacti, sand, and thunder storms to look forward to in the next post.


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