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Day 23 – Petrified Forest and Painted Desert July 28, 2014

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This will be a quick post, but I figured I hadn’t posted anything in a while and it looks like I spent the rest of my trip at the Grand Canyon, which is not true. 🙂

On my way to Albuquerque I decided to swing by the Petrified Forest/Painted Desert National Park. I’m really glad I did. There isn’t much to say about it, but it was lovely and here are some pictures.


IMG_2753 (800x600)


This is what the “forest” looks like. It wasn’t what I was expecting, but…


IMG_2756 (800x600)


the petrified wood is REALLY gorgeous on closeup!


IMG_2765 (800x600)                IMG_2763 (800x600)IMG_2757 (800x600)


Here’s me in front of the biggest trunk. It’s pretty big. 🙂


IMG_2769 (800x600)


Then I drove north towards I40 and there were some beautiful rock structures. This picture doesn’t do the purple color justice. I think this formation is called “The Tipis.”


IMG_2788 (800x600)


Later I went to the “News Paper Rocks” which are covered in petroglyphs and then I went to a Native American ruin that had more of them. They are so cool!


IMG_2794          IMG_2802 (800x600)


IMG_2803 (800x600)


This next one is my favorite. In the middle you can clearly see an ibis eating a frog. SO COOL!!!


IMG_2805 (800x600)



Then I went through the Painted Desert, which was beautiful.


IMG_2818 (800x600)

IMG_2825 (800x600)


It took about 2 hours to get through, but it was completely worth the detour. Really lovely! Then I headed east to Albuquerque!


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