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Day 24-25: Albuquerque – I made it! November 1, 2014

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I swear, I did escape from the Painted Desert, I’ve just been so busy with dissertation writing, job applications, conference papers, teaching, and creating a new website that I haven’t had time to work on my blog. I think now is the right time.

After leaving the Painted Desert, I finally got to New Mexico.


Yes, it was raining. It rained almost the whole time I was in the southwest, actually. Ridiculous!

Anywho, I got to Christine’s house and, as we hadn’t seen each other in several years, we hung out and had a good chat. After, we took a drive into the mountain, and I got some nice views of the city.

IMG_2829 IMG_2831

Unfortunately at about this time her car starting draining radiator fluid, which was very unfortunate, so we added water so we could get home and I drove the rest of the time. As an aside: I have an excellent sense of direction, and I almost always know where I am in space and what direction I am facing, and I rarely get lost. There are two exceptions: Pittsburgh, and apparently Albuquerque. For whatever reason my brain was convinced that the mountain was to the north, when in fact it was to the east. This really threw me off!

For my full day in Albuquerque, Christine had to teach, so I found a coffee shop and wrote.


Here I am being productive at The Flying Star, and in case you’re wondering what the weird, little man is on my computer, that is a Latin dictionary.

That evening we went to the historic part of town, and I really love the adobe architecture, and as a historian I love old places.

20140711_193726 (2)

Unfortunately I forgot my camera, so Christine was kind enough to take some pictures. Here is a picture of San Felipe Church (I’m pretty sure). And there was some great art. On the corner outside of the church walls was this terrifying Madonna carved into a dead tree!

20140711_194115 (2) 20140711_194125 (2)

Then we looked at the art and found some neat stuff, for some reason I was very attracted to the religious art. It was in a style you just don’t get in Iowa, or the northeast, so I got some pictures.

20140711_195933 (2) 20140711_195957 (2)

The next day I headed off to Roswell and Carlsbad!


Days 10-11 – Gold Country! July 1, 2014

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On Wednesday I drove out to visit my aunt in gold country. I learned a valuable lesson to not trust my GPS as it told me to turn left on a road over the mountains that turned into gravel after 20 minutes. I didn’t go that way!


Anyway, I got to my aunt’s house in Garden Valley around 9pm that night and went to bed. The next day I saw the local peacocks and did some work.


IMG_2151 (800x600)              IMG_2158 (800x600)


Then I went for a hike at Greenwood Creek, which was really amazing. I saw my first lizard of the trip (but not my last), but I did not get a good picture, so it’s not going to be on here. But here are some pictures of my hike.


IMG_2163 (800x600)         IMG_2170 (800x600) IMG_2171 (800x600)         IMG_2181 (600x800) IMG_2188 (800x600)


I spent the rest of my time hanging out with my aunt and uncle, who are amazing. It was so nice to spend time with them. We went into Placerville and looked in antique shops, had iced tea, and took no pictures. It was lovely.


Next stop, San Francisco!


Day 5 – Hike and Pig Roast June 22, 2014

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Yesterday was a fun day, but I hurt a bit this morning. To sum up, I hiked a waterfall, ate a pig named Larry, and danced to the Proclaimers. But first things first.


The day dawned clear and cold (think of that phrase similarly to “It was a dark and stormy night.”) and I had a date! I met my friend Dawn for coffee at a place with gluten-free coffee cakes. Now I doubt I’m celiac but I find that glutenous foods give me wicked headaches, among other symptoms, so I avoid it. Anywho, way fun and here is my selfie with Dawn!




I got back to the house and we decided to go to Multnoma Falls. We then climbed the falls, and boy are my hipflexers sore. WOW! But we got some lovely pictures.


IMG_1896         IMG_1889 IMG_1884         IMG_1886


Then we wanted to see Mt. Hood so we drove up to Larch Mountain and saw it, and Mt. Saint Helen, and Mt. Rainier, Mt. Adam, and Mt. Jefferson. It was amazing!


IMG_1897         IMG_1900



Finally, the wedding pig roast. I don’t have a lot of pictures as it was a wedding and I wanted to enjoy my family, but I will post a couple later on when I get them from my sister. But, here is Larry.




And here is a selfie with my family and a chicken.




I do not know the chicken’s name, but perhaps I’ll find out today. I don’t know what’s up today, it’s an adventure!


Getting Ready! June 14, 2014

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I’m starting to really think about my trip next week.


I think I have to take a page from my parents’ playbook and make a spreadsheet of my trip with addresses and phone numbers. Just in case all my electronics die, I’m also going to print out directions to my destinations.


It’s funny, the thing I’m stressing out about the most is parking. Not wild animals or freak explosions, just lack of parking. Thank goodness I am an excellent parallel parker.


Yay for happy travels!


The excitement of a discovery… and the pain. June 28, 2011

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Ok, so yesterday was a big day at the archives. While scrolling through my microfilm I made a discovery. Just to give you all a glimpse into my world these days, I don’t have time to read all of the cases that I’m going through, there are simply too many. To fix make this work, I look for key terms and then take pictures of those cases that include those terms. For the past 3 weeks I’ve been looking for 2 separate terms, a form of “matrimonium/matrimonial,” and “verba de… [usually futura].” This has worked very well and I’ve been successfully getting hits and assumed that all cases having to do with marriage actually said marriage somewhere in them. Then yesterday my scribe showed his human side and made a mistake. He wrote “causa matrimonio” (all abbreviated of course) then crossed out “matrimonio” and wrote in an abbreviation of “seperarii.” [I’ve blown up the relevant part below]Now this case had the word for marriage later in the text but not too long after, I found a “causa divorcii,” which did not contain the word for marriage. What this told me is that I may have missed dozens of cases that are important. Why this made me almost cry is because I was one day away from finishing with this particular group of sources and moving on to some other ones, but because these are my main sources for my dissertation I had to start over and re-look through all of the cases I’d just finished reading. In the long term it is very good, in the short term it means a LOT of extra work.



So, today I started over and thus far found 6 cases that I’d missed. At least the work is worth it.



On a completely different note, you know those Space Invader mosaics that I posted last week? If not, go look again. Well, I’ve become obsessed with finding more, there are 8-bit mosaics all over the place. Some of them I can place and are obvious, but others I need help with. They are mostly around the archives (3rd and 4th arr) but I found a bunch in the 11th, very close to my apartment, which is in the 20th. They are always on the corner and they are almost always at the level of the second floor. So if anyone know the non-obvious ones, please let me know.





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Note: It’s not possible to take out the document from the slideshow so you’ll just have to look at it again.



Yesterday: 5.5 miles

Today: 3 miles

Total: 88 miles


Fête de la Musique and LES SOLDES!!! June 22, 2011

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Yesterday was the Fête de la Musique, which is an awesome day in Paris. It is a festival of music and for one day there is music on almost every corner of the city. They play all sorts of different music and anyone with some talent (or no talent, I suppose) can come out and play in the street. On my walk home I heard funk, old-school rock, techno/house (I don’t know the difference), accordion, and hip-hop. I could hear a couple people from my apartment in the evening. It was really nice. I didn’t stay out long but I enjoyed my walk.

What I did do was head home and cook dinner. Now, I’m not one to post pictures of what I cook, but this week I realized how easy it was to cook mussels. Last night I made mussels in white wine sauce and it was the most delicious thing I think I’ve ever cooked. AND… I took a picture.

Today was even more exciting. It was a day I’ve been waiting for since I got here. It is the start of… LES SOLDES!!!! These are government standardized sales. It’s basically Black Friday for a month all over the country. Basically it is amazing and I definitely took advantage of the amazing deals.

First, I bought an amazing jacket at BHV (an excellent department store). I don’t believe anyone has a jacket this cute!


I also bought some fancy barrettes and 2 pairs of shoes (I was thinking about Diana’s shoes when I got the ones on the right).


I was so excited that I think I was grinning like an idiot my entire walk home. I’m going to hold off buying anything else until my paycheck on the 1st; luckily, the sales last until the end of July so I’ll still get amazing deals. YAY!

On a completely different subject, around the archives are multiple pieces of “public art.” It is basically graffiti but it is more artistic. There is a colorful bull hanging upside down (I took a picture but it is inappropriate for this forum) and some other things. What I want to share today is a throwback to Atari. They are actually mosaics and I love them. 🙂



Yesterday – 5.5 miles

Today – 5.5 miles

Total – 67.5 miles


Back to work! June 15, 2011

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Happily, the archives were open again today so I got some work done. I made it through 50 folios (a folio is a sheet of parchment), so I feel accomplished. I’m going to try to go earlier tomorrow, hopefully I’m on a more European sleeping schedule and I’ll get up a normal times and go to bed at normal times. Here is a picture of the Archives Nationales reading room (salle de lecture) from the outside. I work on the top floor with the curved windows.

After working, I met Connie’s train (my adviser) at the the Gare d’Austerlitz. She has been in Toulouse doing her work and is meeting her husband for a trip to Brittany. Anyway, on the way to the station I decided to explore a part of town I’d never been to before. Namely, Ile de Saint Louis and the Jardin des Plantes. The only pictures I have from the Ile are of the back of Notre Dame with a really fantastic sky, I think. At the Jardin, my favorite part was the way the trees arched over the walkway. All it needed was darkness and uplights for it to be REALLY creepy!



Finally, I met up with Connie and we went out to dinner. We ended up near Tour Montparnasse (back near where I stayed last time I was in town) and we went to a couscous restaurant. It was delicious! There were so many dishes they almost didn’t fit on the table and there was so much food we didn’t eat half of it. Unfortunately, they don’t do doggie bags here so I couldn’t take any home. It was really lovely though. We ended the meal with a delicious mint tea, better than any dessert we could have gotten, I think. Thanks, Connie!




Yesterday –  6.5 miles

Today – 4.5 miles

Total – 31.5 miles