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A Long Day of Travel April 3, 2012

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No pictures for this post, unfortunately. I promise there will be TONS for the rest of the blog.


I arrived in Dunholm, UK yesterday after a long day of traveling. I left Michael around 12:30, his dad took me to the airport, and headed to say goodbye to the family. Got to the airport around 2:30 and I was off. Honestly, the flights were completely non-eventful. I did end up getting 3 seats to myself and I tried to sleep, but for some reason I just couldn’t. I arrived in London at 7:45 am, and then the fun began.


I’m sort of a seat-of-my-pants traveler. I usually take public transportation, which I book ahead of time, but this time I really wanted to rent a car. I went to get my international drivers permit and discovered that I needed to renew my license before I left. So I rushed over to the DMV and took care of that. Unfortunately, they no longer make the licenses in-house, so I got a temporary paper license. The rental car companies wouldn’t accept it. So, my plans have changed a bit.


I had planned on going to Scotland for an overnight, but the train tickets are just too expensive so we’re going to Durham for the day instead. I think it will be fun, but I’m definitely planning a big Scotland trip for the next time I come over. I also wanted to do a little traveling around Kent, but I’m not going to do that either. It’s a shame.


Anyway, Becca met me at the station in Lincoln and we went shopping. I needed an umbrella and then they had cute flats for super cheap… and a white flower for my hair (my old white flower broke) and 19£ later, I got my second wind! Shopping does that for me. We got a taxi back to Becca’s house in Dunholm, dropped off our stuff and then went off around the village. We walked back (about a mile) and then chilled out the rest of the night. It was a nice, relaxing evening.


Today we’re going to explore Lincoln. Last year when I came, we tried to go to the cathedral but it was closed for graduation ceremonies; this year we’re going in! There will be tons of pictures, don’t you worry.